New Patient Scheduling

Physician referrals

Our clinic does not require new patients to obtain a physician referral from another medical practice prior to scheduling an appointment, however, a number of insurance companies do require referrals prior to authorizing payment for services received in our specialty clinic.

If interested in receiving care in our clinic, please contact our staff to schedule an appointment, either by phone or through an online request. Our staff will ask for your insurance information and proceed to check what your coverage requirements are. Within one to two business days, our staff will contact you to verify if your insurance will authorize payments for your requested service. You may then decide whether to receive services in our clinic with the intent to bill your insurance for payments or self-pay for services (at a 20% discount if paid in full at date of service).

Payment Options and Fees

At Missoula Valley Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we accept most forms of insurance as well as a self-pay option.

If you choose to have your insurance billed for your service, you may have a co-payment on the day of your appointment. We require you pay this co-payment in part or in full to receive service. After your appointment, our office will bill your insurance. Once the bill has been reviewed by your insurance, you will receive a bill 30-60 days after your appointment for the remaining portion owed. We ask that you then make your payment through an online account, accessed through the Patient Portal.

After providing your email address to our clinic, you will be invited to create your online account through a Patient Portal link. Among other things, this Patient Portal will provide an easy way for you to submit your payment with a Credit or Debit card.

If financial leniency is needed, you may request to set up a payment plan for co-payments and bills incurred for services with our front office staff. So long as you are making regular payments to pay the balance owed, the plan remains in place. Failure to comply with your payment plan will result in denial of future services and a Collections Service contacting you.

Refusal to pay any portion of your co-payment during check in for your appointment will result in your appointment being cancelled.

Self-pay means you will pay the bill for your scheduled service. A 20% discounted rate is offered for a full payment on the date of service.

Patients who cancel their appointment on the day of scheduled service will be billed a $25 cancellation fee.

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